Birch Creek is a high-quality whitetail deer and freshwater trout farm. We take special pride in raising the very best deer and trout. Our deer feed is also made to exceed the standards of other feeds on the market. It provides a great base for antler development and packs on the body mass. Our trout are full of color and grow large very quickly. Here at Birch Creek we believe that cutting back on details only flaws the end result and that is not why we are in business. We are here to give you the best product we can. Enjoy your visit to our site and see why we're the best.

Check out our Buck Page for pictures of this years bucks along with scores and pedigrees. Roosevelt is showing great promise as a sire with his biggest 2 yearold son chasing the 300" mark. Our newest breeder Moonshine with his near 200" yearling rack shows great potential to be our next great farm sire.

Livestock Available:
Currently taking orders for 2012 doe fawns. Call early to put your name on the list to get the best available choices. We also have a few 2011 bred does available as well.

We make high quality, lightweight aluminum gates. They are much better than steel gates in that they are lighter and will not rust. We've done jobs for most of the big guys in the industry and have many returning customers. Call to place your order as we have a very quick turn around time!

(This picture was taken at Ward Whitetail Farm in Plain City, Ohio.)

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