Birch Creek Fishery is located in Walnutport which is in the Lehigh Valley in Northeastern, Pennsylvania. We have always been a farming family and we started with our freshwater trout farming operation over 20 years ago. Currently we raise rainbow, brook, brown, and palomino trout at our two hatcheries. One is in Bethlehem, PA and the other is in Josephine, WV. We feed high-quality 45% protein food to our trout and use concrete raceways to grow them to their maximum size in a minimal amount of time. We supply trout to outdoor organizations, rod and gun clubs, wholesale fish markets and private landowners. There is no delivery too big for Birch Creek. For information on our freshwater trout email us at: Also visit our trout section at:

Birch Creek Deer Farm is also located in Walnutport, PA. and opened in 1993. We became very serious about our breeding in the year 2000, by beginning to utilize artificial insemination (AI) in our breeding program. We have also added to our gene pool by purchasing and creating superior bucks and does for breeding. We have two separate locations for our deer as well, keeping the bucks and does separate to reduce stress on the livestock and the land. Birch Creek has also created our own brand of high-protein deer and elk feed called "Big Buck Bites"and the end result is bucks with incredible body mass, impressive antlers, and does that are consistently producing exceptionally large, healthy fawns. Call us for details on our deer feed at 610-760-1367, 484-560-2600 or email us at Because of our April 2001 Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) status, and our TB and Burcellosis certification we can deliver the deer of your choice to any open state in the country.


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