Dating on The Farm


            FarmersOnly is a dating site that exists since 2005, designed for farmers who are looking to find love. This niche dating site focuses on connecting people with specific lifestyle that share same passion about farming. Most profiles on FarmersOnly are real, but in order for members to communicate they both need to have Premium subscription. It is a pretty simple dating site where you can only search through input of age range and distance. Besides farmers, at this site you will find ranchers, animal lovers and even cowboys and cowgirls looking for a date. Today FarmersOnly has over five million members on their site, big majority of them located in the US.

            1-month membership on FarmersOnly is priced at $21.95, 3-months package is $39.96, and 6-months package is valued at 65.94. One month of Gold Status stands at $9.99, while using FarmPhone for one month is priced at 4.95.

            Free Services at FarmersOnly dating site include: creation of profile, searching through profiles, seeing photos of members and sending flirts. Paid services include: sending and receiving unlimited number of messages, reading and replying on your smartphone, checking out who has sent you flirts, seeing when was the last time members have visited the profile, posting unlimited number of photos and blocking other members.

            To summarize, FarmersOnly has a target audience of farmers and people that love being outdoors. However, there are fair share of members have never had any farming experience. FarmersOnly is a bit outdated, but perhaps that is something that makes it unique. The site is more for those that are looking to find love and serious relationships.


         This is one of the oldest and largest dating sites and apps online. Like other fling sites such as FreeMeetnFuck, it caters to audience with various sexual fantasies and is primarily for those that look for quick hookups and sex dates. AdultFriendFinder has over 80 million members from all over the world, with most of them being men. It has an Android App and iPhone app versions, which is a plus. Most members at AdultFriendFinder are from the United States, but there are a lot of members from other countries as well. The site and the app are very functional and come with many options and unique features.

            Joining AdultFriendFinder requires following just a couple of easy steps and some basic information about you. 1-month membership costs $39.95, 3-month membership costs $80.85 and 12-month membership is $239.95. Free services at AdultFriendFinder include liking photos and videos, creating hotlists, joining different groups and blogs, commenting, watching uploaded videos and using search filters. Paid services include viewing full profiles, adding friends, sending messages and gifts, reading messages, using chat service and watching other members on a live stream.

The History of Birchcreek

Deer farms, or also often called a ranch, is a piece of land that is fenced and populated with different species of deer like moose, elk, white-tailed deer, reindeer and others.  Deer farms first appeared in New Zealand and later spread all over the world. However, interesting fact is that deer are not native animals to New Zealand. Despite having large and modern deer farming industry, deer were brought to New Zealand from England in the late 19th century. Today you can find deer farms in almost any part of the world and the US also has an advanced farming industry.

Cost of Setting up a Deer Farm

            Cost for setting up a deer farm depends from many factors. Some people invest millions in their deer farms while others start by investing just a few thousand dollars. The precise cost largely depends from your main goals. If you want to be a deer farmer that will work full-time for the next several years then the costs for setting up a deer farm will be significantly bigger than if you plan to be a part-time hobby farmer. In any case, expect to spend over ten thousand dollars at least for facilities, quality fencing and for breeding stock. You can start small and slowly grow as the time goes.

            Prior starting with deer farming it is advisable you visit some deer farms in your area. Most deer farmers will share some advice and tips how to get started. There are also many farm tours and presentations available in certain regions. Make sure you visit some to see what deer farming is all about and what is necessary to enter the business. You can connect with other farmers, partner up or just learn more about deer farms.      

            After you become a deer farmer, you should know that you can sell deer for profit. Many farmers sell their deer to others that are just entering the deer farming business or to other breeders. There are lots of ranches that need quality animals for harvest, so you can sell them there too. There are plenty of options available, so ask around and you will definitely find something good for you.

            This was some general information about deer farms, how they can be set up and what can you do with deer. Get in touch with experienced deer farmers and learn more about this nice business.