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Birch Creek Deer Farm hasn't held back when it comes to advancing our doe genetics through superior live cover and artificial insemination to keep up with the demand of the breeding industry. Because of this we have a deep genetic pool to choose fawns, bred does & breeder bucks from. To ensure the best possible product to reach market we have built our doe herd from the best available female lines in the industry. This breeding technique will ensure more consistant top scoring bucks and strong resale of our females.


Our Foundation Does:

Anchor doe
Notable Offspring
Red 16
Powerball, Dutchboy, Crown Maker
Big Guy, Slick, Max DB
Dice L3
Excelerator, GD Smith, Disco
Knockout, Hightide, PA Eclipse
Climax, Maxbo Extra, Blackjack
Red 35
Say It Ain't So Shadow, Malibu
Yellow 1
Maxbo Supreme, Ridgid, Desperado
TM, Sundowner, Alpha, Omega
Reno, Frankenstein, Scorpion
Lonewood, PromisedLand, Linebacker
Red 8
Roosevelt, Numax, LJ, BW XLT
Yellow 27
Maxbo, Energizer, Megatron





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